About Me

Hi! I’m Joanne Ho-Lee. I do many things, but I mostly develop websites.

I graduated with a degree in Digital Media back in ’05. I worked in the marketing department at an IT firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for about 2.5 years, then brought myself to Beijing to learn Mandarin, before moving to Southern China where I held the position of Purchasing Manager for 3 years.

After China, I moved back to Malaysia and started an online boutique in 2012 with two other friends (OOH!). That was the year that I also started freelancing for Red Bull Malaysia and I’m currently managing all their digital content for social media and on RedBull.my. I then started a cafe and restaurant in 2015, trained and got certified as a barista as part of the prep work. I then segued to supplying chai to F&B outlets in 2016, representing Prana Chai in Asia.

I do side projects like Relate Malaysia, and EduLife Borneo in my free time.

My interests have brought me all around the world, including short stints living in Montréal, New York, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Beijing and Huizhou. There’s just something about the energy of large cities that’s undeniable, and oh god, the food!

As for this blog, I was fortunate to be the first “Joanne” to get a WordPress blog when it was first launched, and I’ve kept it mostly for the address, occasionally (read: rarely) writing private posts, and never really using it for much other than as an occasional journal and for OpenID.

I’ll be attempting to keep the focus of this blog mostly on my individual Personal Development, with a smattering of posts related to Startups, Tech, Online Marketing, Management Ideas, Mobile Apps, and some personal thoughts and updates on my own ventures.

Thanks for reading this and Have a great day!